93 Ways To Invest Your Money Pt. One

Ways to invest

Not everyone wants to park their dollars in a savings or money market account; sure it’s safe, it’s also boring…

…and doesn’t return much. There are those investors who are more prone to take risks, or simply want to try something a bit different, unusual, but also with the potential to return a greater profit, today nothing is more talked about in the world of investing than the people who have made millions from a small investment in bitcoin when it was in its infancy. If you have time have a read of the From $100 To $75 Million In 7 Years post!

Not everything listed below is right for everyone, that’s for certain, if you hate baseball then you would not want to start investing in baseball cards, however, if you spend a little bit of time looking through this list, you may find that spurs your imagination and causes you to look at the entire field of investments from a different slant. So, if you’re ready, lets belly up to the bar and order something a bit different.


In this case, we are not recommending anyone to declare bankruptcy, but there is a market for buying bankruptcy claims at a discount. In essence, if some declare certain types of bankruptcy, they are ordered by the court to pay a certain amount, per month, to the court-appointed trustee,who in turn gives a portion to the debtors. Often, the debtors will sell their claims to get immediate cash, allowing the investor tor to reap the long-term benefits. This can be lucrative if the right deals are found. This assumes the debts continue to make payments, which is likely since they are court ordered.

Baseball Cards

Unless you’re a collector, you might not have thought of this one. Of course, if you’re a young baseball fan, you likely have some sitting on your bedroom table and may trade them with your friends. But is there any possibility to make money with them? Well, yes and no. Most modern baseball cards may never turn a profit, certainly not for years. However, older cards, those from the early 1900s through about 1950, can garner a lot of money. If you move into this area, be sure the cards you buy are authentic and in good condition.

Highway Billboards

1965, marked the implementation of the Highway Beautification Act and with it, the billboard industry came to a grinding halt. Wait that doesn’t mean there was no more billboard advertising, simply that creating new billboards became extremely difficult. What does that mean for investors? It means that existing billboards, particularly those in high-traffic areas, have become more and more valuable.

Mining for Bitcoin

If you had bought Bitcoin in the early days, you could easily retire with a fortune today. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still profit from Bitcoin. You can buy and hold, or you can mine for Bitcoin. Don’t worry; there are no picks and shovels involved, it’s all done through massive computing power. The investor, in most cases, buys an interest in a datacenter that is actively mining Bitcoin, participating in the revenues generated each month.

Equipment For Businesses

During the California Gold Rush, there were those who headed for the hills with dreams of striking it rich and those who sold the supplies that allowed them to go. Owning business assets, or loan money so others can purchase or lease needed equipment, has proven quite lucrative for many.

Breeding Bulls

Don’t get carried away, we’re speaking of bull semen, and yes, there is a market for it, and a good one. First, of course, you need to own or buy a champion bull, likely a rodeo bull who has become infamous. If you’re already in this position, then you know that selling semen from a champion, used to impregnate a cow, can go for multiple thousands. Simply multiply that number by the number of cows, remembering the bull doesn’t have to visit the cow, and the numbers quickly add up.

Car Sharing

For this one, you need a second car in good condition and insurance that covers drivers other than yourself. Assuming you have this, and if your second car spends much of its time simply sitting and taking up space, consider car sharing for cash flow. This gives you the opportunity to make money on the second car, rather than have it simply taking up space.

Auto Title Loans

Every city has them, car title loans. This is where someone who owns a car and has a job, can get a cash advance for an emergency. From the investor standpoint, this has been called legal loan sharking, as the interest rates are high and the loan is guaranteed based on the title of the car. Should the borrower default, the car can be repossessed and sold to cover costs.

Car Wash

We all need to wash our cars; some do it at home, others use a car wash, in fact, thousands and thousands of motorists do. This can be an excellent investment for a professional with extra cash sitting in a low-interest account. This is, effectively, passive income and, assuming a good location, can generate a good return per dollar invested. Additionally, since the property would already be zoned commercial, the possibility for future expansion can be considered.

Cat Bonds

Also known as catastrophe bonds, this is a way for large insurance companies to offset their risk. It works this way; they offer high-yield bonds to investors for a set period. If a disaster is avoided, the investor’s principal is returned, plus any interest they’ve made while they owned the bonds. However, if a disaster does hit, like Hurrican Katrina, the investors will likely lose the principal depending on the extent of the disaster.

CoCos, aka Contingent Convertible Bonds

Most smaller investors will not have heard of this one, termed CoCos. They work this way; investors buy bonds to form an issuing bank and are paid interest over time and eventually are repaid their principal. Should, during ownership, the bank worsen economically, the bond is converted to stock. Investors are betting in favor of the bank continues to prosper and their continued receipt of monthly or quarterly interest payments.

Advance on Commissions

There are those whose income is based purely on a percentage of what they sell; then they wait for their commission. If the commission does not come promptly, they are then faced with how to pay ongoing bills or the need for a lump sum of cash for other opportunities. Enter commission loans, which allow the salesman to get their money, minus a fee, now, while the investor is guaranteed to receive their principal on payment of the commission.

Large Equipment Rental

Building a high-rise office or apartment building is an expensive undertaking. One of the key pieces of equipment needed is a crane, used to ferry iron beams and other heavy materials higher and higher as the floors stack up. However, between projects, a crane may sit idle for long periods of time, while payments continue. There is a solution; often construction companies will rent or lease a crane from an investor. This mitigates the large purchase price, allowing the construction company the use of the crane, when they need it, while the investors make money from the rental while using depreciation as a tax write-off.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

Some play for fun, others for profit, but can you make money with DFS? If you’re merely playing to for the sheer enjoyment, then play on, if you’re in it purely for cash flow, then you have your work cut out for you. Yes, investors have made money with DFS, but they are using computers to enter multiple daily contests, plus a great deal of time invested analyzing the various options. Also, keep in mind the entire platform is on shifting legal ground. Tread cautiously, but if you’re a winner, be sure and let us know.

De Novo Banks

DeNova Banks are small banks, such as those you may find ina smaller rural town. They may also be formed to serve a particular niche, like farmers, or teachers for example. This type of bank is favorite by investors since they, even though small, must adhere to federal banking regulations.

FedX, UPS Delivery Routes

FedX handles close to 4 million packages per day, staggering, but UPS handles even more. All of those packages need to be delivered promptly, and they simply don’t have enough trucks to do it all. So what can they do? They hire sub-contractors giving them exclusive routes, which can be lucrative, depending on where. Some investors will do this on their own, while others will buy or lease the trucks and hire couriers. Either way, there is potential here for a good investment.

Designer Handbags

If you can find a supplier of designer handbags like Chanel, Louis Vuitton or others, you’ve got good things going. These bags, not the cheap rip-offs, but the real thing, hold their value and are easy to sell on eBay and Amazon. The key is buying low and selling high, as with any investment.

Dim Sum Bonds

Would you like to invest in the Chinese economy, but don’t speak a word of Mandarin? Well, not to worry, just take a look at Dim Sum bonds, sort of mix between the Chinese currency market and the debt of selected Chinese companies.

Discontinued Products

This could be perfect for an eCom store or investment. It’s tricky though, the first step is to find a product with high demand, but has been discontinued by its parent company, then stock up. If you find the right product and if you can stock pile, you could have an in-demand product that is becoming more and more difficult to find, which is perfect for the investor.

Dividend Capture

This is for those who have no interest in the concept of buying and holding. They purchase stock to earn the right to receive a dividend. Once received, the stock is sold, and the investor moves to the next one.

Domain Names

The Internet changed the way the world does business, we all know that. Every company or entrepreneur has a website, and that website has a name, termed domain name. Money can be made by buying and selling domain names. These same names can be turned into actual websites, then flipped for a profit, or used simply for SEO purposes.

Drink Coupons

Made popular by Southwest airlines, these are coupons that entitle the holder to one drink aboard the flight. The buying and selling of these coupons are frowned upon by the airline, which hasn’t hampered the buying/selling/trading of them at all.


When most think of easements, they think of a road that allows access to an otherwise unreachable piece of property. In this case, we’re speaking of selling or leasing the rights to place items of high value on a property. These might be cell towers, billboards, solar panels or anything of value.

Excess Proceeds

This has the potential, but not the guarantee of being quite lucrative. It usually centers around property, homes or businesses that are being sold for tax liabilities. The investor buys, often only on paper, then sells the property. The lien is paid, and they pocket the difference.

Foreign Currency

A great deal of money can be made (or lost) very quickly in the Forex markets. You are investing in a particular currency pair, for instance, EUR/USD, whack is the Euro vs. the United States Dollar. The investment, which some call a wager, is whether one side the currency pair will either rise or fall in comparison to the other.

Franchise Opportunities

McDonald’s is a franchise, and many investors choose to move into that or other types of franchises. These allow you to buy into a business that already has a proven track record and formula. Some, like McDonald’s, require a significant upfront investment, plus time commitment. Other franchise opportunities may require less upfront capital and the possibility of operating the business either part-time or in an absentee capacity. The strength is the proven formula, the weakness being adhering to the rules of the franchise.

Gift Cards

When someone gives a gift card as a present, some wonder why they just didn’t give cash. That’s a valid thought, but gift cards seem to be here to stay. To profit, gift cards are bought in bulk, at a discount, then sold at face value or slightly below.

Guest House

You’ll need to check your local zoning laws before proceeding forward with renting a guest house. Assuming its allowed in your area, this is a secondary home, usually smaller, set to the side or in back of the main house. Rental income can be derived from this arrangement, then used for other investments or to pay down the mortgage.

Hard Money Loans

These are real estate loans that traditional banks and commercial lenders won’t touch. That doesn’t mean they are bad risks, simply outside the scope of their guidelines. These types of loans are often high interest, and in most cases, the lender will be much more hands-on, than a traditional lender. Don’t bypass these based on the face the FHA won’t participate; they’re guidelines are more conservative.

Halloween and Haunted Houses

This is not a year-round investment, but once a year during the Halloween season, a ton of cash can be generated by the smart investor. It will take planning, the house, the actors, the set dressing, but then, and most important, the admission charge. Put pencil to paper on this one; some smart investors have made significant returns, all without risking their day job.

Hotel Points

If you travel a lot, you’ve likely built up, not only airline miles but hotel points. These points either allow you to stay free, upgrade your room, or obtain special access. Not all hotels allow points to be transferred, but some do. This can generate quick cash when needed.

Architectural Plans

There are some architects who design a new set of plans for every home, but not all of them. Some architects have realized that since they own the plans, they can sell them multiple times. While this is perfect for the architect, it can also be done by the everyday investor. Simply make a deal with an architect or architectural firm to buy and own the plans in perpetuity.

Ice Machines

You’ve likely seen these at convenience stores and markets, large, often white boxes holding pounds and pounds of ice. They are a steady profit center for the vendor, but in some cases, they offer ice vending machine, allowing customers to buy directly from the machine, without entering the store. You’ll need to negotiate with the store owner for the square footage needed, but this is a winner in the summertime. NOTE: Some of these machines also dispense water.

Airline Magazine Advertisement

Most would look at this selection and shake their heads, but not so fast. The idea is to purchase a full-page ad in an in-flight magazine for a full year. That’s not inexpensive, so research and cash flow need to be considered. Once the full-page ad is purchased, it is then resold to doctors and lawyers on an arbitrage basis, meaning the investor make a profit. Each month a different doctor is featured, but every doctor who purchased is listed. This allows doctors and lawyers to reach a wide audience at an affordable price.

Insurance Agent Premiums

Ever wonder why that insurance agent worked so hard to get you signed up? Well, of course, they get a commission, but they get the same commission each time you renew, and most people do renew. That is an income stream that can be sold, borrowed against, or bought by an investor.

Landscaping Equipment

Landscaping can be lucrative, and most companies will win their mowers, blowers, and clippers, but likely not wood chippers, back-hoes, and other expensive equipment. This is where the investor, once a market is confirmed, can buy the equipment, then rent it to the various landscaping companies.

Lawsuit Financing

Let’s say a plaintiff has a great personal injury case, but not the money to pursue the legal battle, what can they do. Borrow from friends, mortgage the house, sell the car? Well yes, but there are investors who, knowing the details fo the case and believing their side will win, are willing to finance the legal expenses for a percentage of the settlement.

Legal Brothels – The Oldest Profession

This type of investment is without a doubt, not for everyone. It takes a certain moral stance, plus the willingness to work in the legalized sex trade in Nevada. But as they say, “sex sells,” and if you’re looking for a walk on the wild side, this may be the perfect investment.

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